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Polyurethane - the best coating material with so many uses

Polyurethane elastomer is a superior coating material for almost anywhere. It cures in less than a minute and is ready for use straightaway. It is hard-wearing and waterproof and the surface is non-sticky for an almost endless range of uses. Polyurethane elastomer also protects surfaces against corrosion and chemicals.

Read more about Teknopur from the Teknos site.

So many different applications

  • Agricultural slurry tanks
  • Mining industry
  • Pipes
  • Spare parts
  • Machines
  • Transportation
  • Ceilings
  • Steel structures
  • Concrete structures
  • Swimming pools

User-friendly as well as environmentally friendly

The TEKNOPUR 300 Polyurethane used does not contain volatile organic compounds and is the environmentally friendly choice.

  • 0 g/l VOC
  • No fire permit required (roofing)
  • No flammable compounds during application and curing
  • TEKNOPUR 300 fire classification
    • EN 13501-1: Efl
  • TEKNOPUR 340 FR fire ratings:
    • CEN TS 1187: BROOF T2
    • EN 13501-1: Cfl-s1

* Values are typical values based on laboratory tests and should not be considered as product specification.

Technical specifications


Substrate/ PrimerMethodResultNote
Steel, FeSa 2½ISO 4624ca. 10 MPa-
Steel, TEKNOPLAST PRIMER 5ISO 4624ca. 9 MPa-
Birch plywood, TEKNOPUR SEALER 100ISO 4624ca. 5 MPaSubstrate break
Concrete, TEKNOFLOOR PRIMER 306F-01ISO 4624ca. 6 MPaSubstrate break

Excellent chemical resistance

Chemical resistance
@+23°C if not otherwise notedStandardMinimum durability without major changes
Distilled waterISO 2812-12+ years
Sea waterISO 2812-12+ years
NaOH 50%ISO 2812-11+ year
Ammonia 20%ISO 2812-11+ year
Sulphuric acid 20%ISO 2812-11+ year
Acetic acid 10%ISO 2812-11+ year
Hydrochloric acid HCl 10%ISO 2812-11+ year

Outstanding mechanical resistance

Physical properties
ElongationISO 527-225 MPa
Tear strengthISO 527-2380%
Tear strengthISO 34-1:2015 B30 N/mm
Tear strengthISO 34-1:2015 C200 N/mm
Impact resistance -40°CISO 6272-2> 100 kg*cm
Taber abrasion resistance, H-18, 1kg, 1000 kierr.ISO 7784-290 mg
Water vapor permeabilityISO 77838 g/m²/day

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